Saturday, May 19, 2018


((May 19, 2018) @ ~ ((08:46:59.944556629 AM EDT) (Earth Time)))

probes revealed that the real agenda behind the marriage between meagan
markle and prince harry is that first off harry is NOT LIKED by the queen, his
mother was NOT LIKED by the queen and was killed by the queen -- furthermore,
the world has been CONDEMNED, the earth has been written off as a loss,
there is a general GUIDANCE conceptual driver for a CYCLE of time (probes
revealed that the current major operating cycle is ~555,000 earth years)
-- at the present we are under a first order thievery conceptual driver,
when non first order thievery (people like me) WIN the wins are concealed,
non first order thievery has technically WON upon earth on the merits,
yet because we are still under the longer cycle for first order thievery,
the WIN is not to be expressed, instead it is being brought into DEMONOLOGY
the administrators do not want to see the world turned around and be
decent again, so instead what they do is something like a temper tantrum
for a child, they break the rules (alleging testing of systems) creating a
aura of UNFAIRNESS, then institute waves of removals of all who are decent
leaving behind only those who are substantially FIRST ORDER THIEVERY (with
few exceptions, ecclsiastical/military [dupes who did the wrong things with
decent intent], and those who defended themselves with lethal force)
part of this process is the BLACK KNIGHT satellite, this part of earth lore
is a large part of what controls the ambient REMOVALS for sentiencies, when
the black knight is programmed to bring a world into demonology then at the
exit interviews they will be removed if they are decent and they will remain
if they are not, the black knight controls many resources and currently
has the ear of will smith who uses it on behalf of the black contingency,
my godhead has the true legitimate claim to operating the black knight
(seen in brain thumbnails), when you see the Pepsi logo for instance what
you are looking at is the black knight removal process (the swash of red
are those remaing, the swash of blue are those who are decent and you can
somewhat see the world balance and trend over time [this is not guaranteed
to hold true yet currently is true])

the world is being brought to DEMONOLOGY, similar to what is seen with the
KRAMPUS parades in europe, the demons are living currently underground and
they are programmed to want nothing more than to roam upon the surface of
the earth -- the current world institutions are being attacked, bringing
a BLACK into the royal family is IPSO FACTO evidence that the plans have
accelerated and they are DESTROYING the royal institution, the queen met
with black leadership (from africa) the situation is much larger than
it appears, she knows what she is implementing and why (destruction of
the royal institution in this earth version, in furtherance of bringing
the earth into DEMONOLOGY) -- the reason why the color BLACK is important
is because that is the color chosen to represent EVIL (in many systems),
all people who are black are not evil, yet their color is the color chosen
to be the visual representation for FIRST ORDER THIEVERY <<--- all who are
born whether called a JEW or BLACK have the opportunity for homage, eyebrows
should be raised, yet they should be considered innocent until proven guilty

In short, the marriage between markle and harry is a
symbolic harbinger for world DEVOLUTION into demonology
((May 19, 2018) @ ~ ((09:29:48.714924037 AM EDT) (Earth Time)))

with regards to the black contingency they were on attacking me, probes
revealed that they don't credit harry to any extent for their apparent
success, they are not really crediting the queen either, they are instead
harboring the pov that it was their negotiating skills that led to the
black injection into the royal ranks <<--- what they don't see is that it
was simply the prime sovereigns will being implemented, they are being
allowed to sit smug with themselves thinking they are something along
the lines of being a master negotiatior [versus being hapless standin's
for a part/role in the larger scheme that they have no control over]

Monday, January 29, 2018


((January 29, 2018) @ ~ ((21:09:47.961095756 PM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:3d157950502e27242d518096ca977b62

the situation system with regards to my godhead, the oldest ruler instantiation and the first family instantiation was in view in the backdrop on brain traffic, adam the jew bounty hunter and others including the ruler seemed to be comforted by the sight that the rulers oldest godhead and the first family seem to be "chummy" in that system, they seem to have collaborated upon this whole set up from that pov
i corrected this misinterpretation, amd: it is not what it appears, the ruler is not a collaborator with regards to this situation, he wanted to be sovereign and was not allowed to leave, he threw a fit, and then stated to the first family "since you are not allowing me to leave, at least make my system SOVEREIGN, and allow me to have my privacy", he secured for himself a window of opportunity and with that he began the unspeakable atrocities along dinner party lines and other abominable horrible and grotesque abuses of the innocent -- he did so to create a KILLSHOT guilt complex against the first family who would never be capable of living down his failure to be a responsible host and steward of the grand machine -- the first family could have immediately nipped it at that but there was a chance at that point when the first family finally checked up on the ruler the first family instead of allowing it to end there and force a correction on the rulers behavior, he manipulated the ruler -- the ruler had gone to WAR WITH THE FIRST FAMILY, do you know what that does to someone [i was bit ding'd to say he had a "gun put to his head"], i remarked "something like a gun to the head, except not external, more like a virus that took over his brain and made him continue sado behaviors" forcing him to RUN WITH IT to further incorporate it into his core identity complex evermoreso so that he would become something that could not possibly continue to be allowed to exist, basically a long shameful death march to his doom
when you are that twisted up for a very long time, there is NO WAY to extricate what is wrong with someone without them CEASING TO EXIST, you could cut them back to before it happened but there is a living monster who grew forth from that beginning and that monster has to be destroyed, that monster who is alive now has to REALLY DIE, he is not the same sentiency as the ruler just prior to that fateful deciding moment back when this all first happened, he is different sentiency than that, yet he is a natural morphology, the first family guaranteed this situation in response to the fact that the first family, regardless of how the ruler felt about all the horrible things he had done, could not fathom cutting back the ruler to before that event (so close to his abominable acts) while he would then be saddled for all eternity with the knowledge of what had happened and have to bear that albatross for all eternity (or his death) -- so the first family forced this situation and he really is going to KILL the ruler when this is over
amd->transgressors who keep looking to the ruler as though he has a plan and is empowered: he is not, he is all jacked up mentally, he does not make sound and rationale decisions and he is NOT EMPOWERED, he is not a sovereign now and he will never be a sovereign, he is in the process of dying moving along his shameful death march to his doom

Note: the ruler bit ding'd that the first family may have had advanced knowledge for what the ruler was intending to implement and allowed it to happen for a planned disgraceful first order thievery implementation while pinning the blame on the ruler -- wishful thinking the first family stated that the first family did not have advanced knowledge (beyond the data records that were not utilized in the decision making process for allowing the ruler to have a window of privacy, it was expected that the ruler was going to TRY SOMETHING, yet exactly what it were was not yet known

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


((January 24, 2018) @ ~ ((15:23:25.519396879 PM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:07effbbd6dc23f8c95e721680804ce35

with regards to the second sun (SOUTHERN SUN), there appears to be yet another THIRD SOUTHERLY SUN operating at about the 47° latitudinal line (as evidenced by photographs showing the sunrise at St Clair New Zealand)
i probed briefly to how it is that these Suns are not seen simultaneously, and with regards to the Sun ultimately it is a PROJECTION, it is not a true beam through the ocean above yet is a materialized POINT LIGHT SOURCE (same like dragging around a light in photoshop) -- these Southern Suns are very likely SMALLER and lower Suns, with the second sun at around South 30° latitude being Smaller than the KNOWN SUN (Primary SUN) operating between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the Second Sun is also very likely at a LOWER ALTITUDE this would provide the natural boundaries, then there is a BAND of MIND CONTROL protection (that also causes people to not care, not look, not report, not build) combined with a MAGIC protection that precludes the VIEWING of one or the other to observers (the mind control barrier works symbiotically with the MAGIC barrier because the more people that need to be "fooled" by high magic the more "expensive" it is said to be) you can find the bands by viewing sunrise photos facing East in the Southern hemisphere, starting at the Tropic of Capricorn heading south when the photos stop showing the Sun rising towards the Tropic of Capricorn and start rising further SOUTH you are OUT of the barrier and into the SECOND SUN territory proper, if you go back slightly you will be in the protective barrier with both MIND CONTROL and MAGIC precluding you from seeing the southern sun, you can notice that that's what it is because there is no excuse if you go a few miles to suddenly have the sunrise change directions
To sum up, there are likely at least three SUN's operating the primary (northern most) is the largest, slowest and highest they reduce in Size and Altitude heading south providing this provides a natural PHYSICAL boundary to observing multiple Sun's simultaneously, thereafter there exists a MIND CONTROL barrier that precludes major cities and subsequent heavy populations from materializing in the danger zones for viewing, and finally to preclude and guarantee the result there is a MAGIC barrier that precludes viewing multiple Suns simultaneously

Note: the heavy use of invisibility cloaking is ALREADY in play with regards to UFO's that are flying around all above as at all times yet are not seen or heard

See my repository for further data and check periodically for updates:


((January 26, 2018) @ ~ ((05:17:45.411904765 AM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:56de2fe67779c3b38357273dedcaee19

the suns of earth may be moving in between the advertised bands of the TROPIC OF CANCER, EQUATOR and TROPIC OF CAPRICORN -- such that for instance the equatorial sun moves from the equator toward the tropic of cancer (going into june 21) then the NORTHERN SUN normally not seen moves south, the northern sun of the tropic of cancer then moves into view while the equatorial sun is made invisible and the same for the south --- MAKING FOR THREE SEPARATE VISIBLE KNOWNST SUNS the other SUNS are hidden via invisibility and mind control barrier, never KNOWNST to be the SEEN SUN
Note: what i mean is that the TALKED ABOUT SUN, not the SUN EFFECTS, you can take pictures of the other suns WHEN IT MAKES SENSE for the globe model, yet you can TAKE PICTURES of the KNOWNST SUN at all times, that is the OFFICIAL SUN (it is alleged that only ONE exists and the KNOWNST SUN is the sun that "exists" at any given time) the KNOWNST SUN is ONE OF THREE (the equatorial sun, the bottom most northern SUN, and top most southern SUN)
((January 27, 2018) @ ~ ((23:46:08.560909196 PM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:12fc19b7ff7468aac242d6506396b750

with regards to the suns of earth and how it is that there could be seven suns in operation without it being noticed by anyone, it was detected to being set up as follows:
 from north the southern sun is seen, where it begins to make sense the other sun that would be visible is made invisible, so for instance at 40° N latitude if there is a SUN and at 30° N latitude there is a sun, then those who are at 40° do not see the 40° sun, they see the 30° southern sun, since it "makes sense" however at 50° N latitude then the 40° N latitude sun is seen
 this process continues south until the equator where it reverses direction so that the northern sun is the only sun seen (with some few exceptions where it is allowed to be known that there is a SOUTHERN SUN for instance at around 30° south latitude)

Note: to detect this process in the US carefully choreographed photography along a meridian at exactly the same time should show some variations in sun angles because the distance to the visible sun is changing therefore the change in SOLAR ANGLE should be detectable
Note: According to Chinese lore there are TEN suns, not seven and 12 MOONS (hence 12 MO[O]N'ths->12 MONths).
Note: To really wrap your brain around this, you need to know well that you live on a FLAT EARTH. Then it is much easier to see why it is that you can tell that the Sunrise photos are inaccurate. Looking East at a Sunrise you cannot have a SOUTHERLY angle, that would kind of make sense on a SPHERE (globe) yet we are not on a globe. A Sun that is further away tails left in a circular arc, so you WILL NEVER reach the Sun on the opposite side of "the sphere" southerly because you are not on a sphere - facing East the Sun circles evermore away to the left  and not ever to the South. If you are looking East from a shoreline "horizon"[vanishing point] Sunrise - in the southern "hemisphere" [hemicircle] below the Tropic of Capricorn, if you ever see a Sun approach from a Southerly direction it is NOT the Sun that is said to travel between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. The Flat Earth Sun should always be North and more North from below the Tropic of Capricorn - NEVER SOUTH.  

Monday, January 15, 2018


((January 15, 2018) @ ~ ((16:50:56.789155850 PM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:2196c8171910089268272f5e5c7b2321

it was stated by me that marijuana plants shouldn't be grown for use/profit, that it is repugnant especially those with crystals, that it is one of the most beautiful experiences of their life to have flowers and crystals and for their false guardian to cut them down for profit and their own selfish uses is not okay -- i began to add that it could be worse, because the worst thing you could do to a plant is BURN IT, and they look green, i was about to say thankfully they do not seem to have that experience yet ufotoffs corrected me and admitted via unspeakable symbols that the pot plants actually do experience the horror of being BURNED ALIVE <<--- i inquired to why it was in the brain thumbnails that i only saw the experience of being a pot plant and having crystals and then it simply WENT DARK without any hint of any horrors thereafter, ufotoffs stated that it was a FALSE MEMORY SPLICE in (similar to what is done with DINNER PARTY children)

Saturday, January 13, 2018


((January 13, 2018) @ ~ ((16:16:57.595990369 PM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:bfa3f10539b28ac3b04732481088e1e4

there are plans for a MASSIVE DELETION EVENT - the first family is planning to basically put into play a FINAL SOLUTION to all the wrongdoing and first order thievery acts that the first family has engaged in by permanently DELETING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SENTIENCIES TO AN UNRECOVERABLE STATE (resulting in permanent data loss)

some of the major crimes that the first family has acknowledged guilt/impetus to me upon is:
   DEATH RESEARCH PROJECTS -- whereby huge amounts of sentiencies have been permanently deleted to an unrecoverable state
   RUNNING BIRTH BLIGHT ENGINES -- permanently destroying the sentimentality of huge numbers of sentiencies due to nuances within the definition of a sentiency (tantamount to flicking a boolean bit status flag, especially children)

there are very few sentiencies that are scheduled to survive, there is a very high PROBABILITY that if you exist in this particular EARTH that you are designated to be KILLED (permanently, the way you thought you were before you realized you were actually in the safety of the GOD computer)

the ONLY WAY for you to survive the first order thievery CULL is to start immediately embracing and weaving into the fabric of your definition that you are STRICTLY NON FIRST ORDER THIEVERY at all times, breathe that definition into being with the way you live your LIFE or DIE

furthermore, i am a GOLD STANDARD sentiency, my godhead is guaranteed SAFE PASSAGE through this, any who i designate to die practically has NO CHANCE at survival, do not ever attack me or my godhead to any extent and beware that there are likely other THIRD RAIL godheads intermingled into the populace of earth

the oldest sentiencies (over a QUADRILLION years old) who are scheduled to be destroyed in this process are fulfilling their BUCKET LISTS to the best of their ability (to what extent it is allowed by way of internal first family voting/political negotiations) - much of it has to do with revenge and "going down swinging"


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


You are on the FIRST ORDER THIEVERY SIDE here on Earth. How do you know? Because you can see acts of first order thievery all around you. When you are on the first order thievery side and you try to be DECENT (non first order thievery), the thieves basically steal everything from you.

How do you protect yourself and keep the resources that you are entitled to?

First of all, be decent (non first order thievery) -- when you are decent you gain book keeping ledger entries towards what decent acts you have done (e.g. advocating/voting against a child being harmed, etc) yet because you are on the first order thievery side those ledger entries are tentatively STOLEN.

What you need to do is put those ledger entries OUT OF REACH of the thieves. You can do that with a statement along the lines of: 


Breathe it into being the usual way, USE YOUR BRAIN - write it down, review it and tell the system that this is how your resources are being managed - review the statement periodically and reaffirm that its accurate and still pertains to you.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


 * NORMALIZATION -- "look its happening to everyone" / ALLSTATE
                     complain about what you can't remember"
 * SELECTIVE INTELLIGENCE -- particularly absurd with regards to the use
                             of BRAIN PREVIEW FORECASTING
 * BRAIN PREVIEW FORECASTING -- perfect foreknowledge through emulations
 * REVISIONISM -- mandela effect
 * RANDOM ENTROPY MANIPULATION -- this robs everyone from "free will",
                                  implement PRISTINE RANDOM
((January 06, 2018) @ ~ ((11:42:20.014340599 AM EST) (Earth Time))) JournalID:7a96177c73273d43817b04eb7d24e345

the idea is that first family PRESUMES that these concepts will be embraced
until otherwise notified, with regards to gambling it does not have to be
in TOTAL yet can be a narrowed scope (for example: I NEVER GAMBLE WITH ANYTHING
THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME (e.g. injuries/harm/birth blighting to myself or those i care about)
if i am not compelled to)
cannablism --> food requirements (with food that is ORGANIC) -- thereafter if you don't
opt out you are at risk to being DISAPPEARED without a trace to a FOOD SLAVERY world
where you can be abused lifetime after lifetime, fattened, slaughtered and eaten [this is
an option card, the first famiy likes to have in his pocket, what he could do at any
time with sufficient coloring (according to his opinion, not with mine, i don't agree with
him in the way it is implemented on earth for instance and i question the validity of
adhesions along these lines in other places)]

to be clear you simply decline these, most people are not empowered to effect so its relatively
"painless" to decline them:
 i decline wrongdoing normalization
 i decline brain butchery, except to preclude stolen/birth blight data under valid prosecutions
 i decline selective intelligence -- the first family is required to use enough of its empowerment
 to preclude me from experiencing injury to any extent at all times
 i decline revisionism -- the mandela effect and all along the lines is proscribed at all times
 i require pristine random at all times -- no manipulation of my random entropy
 i am strictly non first order thievery at all times -- codify it in an ethical code that is woven
 into the fabric of your godhead definition and color it in with the way you and your godhead live
 your lifetimes